..Tarquinio, Italy, UFO and the story of a family devoted always looking for truffles

Pasta & Rice

the best Italian gastronomic excellent pasta - locally prepared with high quality semolina

Olio EVO

The vibrant fragrance of the most precious local extra-virgin olive oil, obtained from the blend accurately combined together or from singular cultivar


...a selection for your special moments....


"What you see in front of you is the result of a life of chocolate." Katharine Hepburn

Tomatoe sauce...

One of the made in Italy symbolic products

Red wine

The finest vines and their best vintages, tasting the wine that in the past and still now, writes the history of the Italian enological tradition


fruit in all the possible ways you can taste it


..many companies and their excellent products selected for you...

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The best local productions

The best seasonal selection of fruits, vegetbles, meat, cheese and a lot more made by local producers from all over the world...

The producers

We personally select companies, some of which are family businesses, that offer high quality food within the Italian gastronomic tradition...

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The flavors

The Italian territory is probably the richest in the world of gastronomic products that are related to the folk’s tradition and to...

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The tradition

The deep roots of a secular edible tradition are the symbol and warranty of the time that has passed and are the ones that select...

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The territory

The Italian peninsula is like a huge set dining table. Through regional varieties, from the sea to the mountains...

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The story

Our story has just began, but pushed by heart, passion and curiosity we have 8000 kilometers between north and south...

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The selection

We travel all over the “boot” in search of the best homemade pasta production, oil, wine, preserves, meats and...

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